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The goal of the “Impex Model” is to maximize value for our customers as well as eliminate any waste in the supply chain through lean practices by reducing the labor, order management, logistics & packaging costs.

Impex was established to provide innovative, versatile and value added solutions to a diverse range of businesses. Impex centralizes all activities and cuts the costs associated with supply chain management, order management, procurement and packaging solutions. We understand the challenges and complications involved in logistics and provide custom designed services which deliver maximum value and cost effectiveness for your business.

  • Inventory Management

  • Order & Supply Base Management

  • Innovative & Smart Packing Solutions

  • Logistics Planning & Freight Consolidation

  • PCCT - Packaging Cost Calculation Tool

  • Kitting & Late Assembly


Efficient order management plays an important role in ensuring the cost effectiveness of your day to day operations. Impex offers services which involve experts handling your entire supplier base, placing your orders, following up with your suppliers, minimizing quality issues and returns, managing supplier relations and effectively lowering your costs.

  • Quality Control is extremely important to help iron out any snags in the shipping process. We source and qualify only the best factories for your procurement needs.

  • Our Strategic Packaging solutions are innovative and versatile enough to meet unique and complex needs. The custom designed packaging solutions we offer can maximize space utilization, minimize packaging costs and also eliminate the risk of damage in transit, at the same time ensuring that space is optimally utilized within containers thus avoiding wasted space completely and creates cost savings.

  • Impex is using revolutionary space optimization software that calculates the most efficient way to load cargo into a container. Our software is designed from experience and the instinctive ability to get the maximum quantity of product to fit into a limited space. Cargo can be loaded in containers based on plans generated for full utilization.

  • Freight Consolidation is so important when you deal with a varied range of suppliers. And logistics can become very complicated and time consuming, this wasting your time and operational efficiency. Our world class logistics team is dedicated to reducing your logistics costs and waste.


Impex offers cost effective storage solutions for your goods in our state of the art warehouses ensuring that the goods are completely secured and stored in optimal conditions.

  • Marking & Labeling takes a lot of time and labor in the identifying and sorting process. Eliminate the possibility of wasting precious time and effort by using Impex’s costumized designed solutions.

  • PCCT – Packaging Cost Calculation Tol – When it comes to calculating the actual cost of each compo-nent for your packaging including box, pallet, & shipment, Myway’s PCCT provides complete flexibility, transparency and accuracy.

  • Polybagging, Kitting & Light Asembly services are the perfect fit for your requirements. Distribution involves the combining of multiple products into new kits, our customizable and ingeniously simple warehouse

  • By Shrink-wrapping & Palletizing services, your shipment will have unmatched safety during transportation

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