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Maritsa offers extensive supply chain solutions, with global facilities ready to handle your supply chain needs, whether at origin or destination.

Our end-to-end solution combines shipping with warehousing and distribution, reducing complexity and increasing speed, control, and visibility. Many of our facilities are conveniently located near key ocean ports for major shipping routes, allowing for faster cargo throughput. We provide deconsolidation solutions with multiple service offerings, depending on where your cargo needs to go.


Our facilities also offer pit-stop solutions and value-added services such as quality controls, re-packing, returns management, and product disposal.

We prioritize customs administration and supervision with our experienced employees who have extensive knowledge of customs legislation, and we manage it with professional customs broker companies in all fields of customs, import, export, transfer and transit.


We ensure that all stages of your transportation and supply chain are completed without interruption, with timely customs clearance.

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