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Maritsa specializes in intermodal transportation, enabling customers to reduce costs and offering cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions with optimal transit periods.

We use two basic combinations, road + RO-RO + rail and road + rail, and the model to be used is determined mainly in terms of the final destination of the load, urgency, seasonal, and economical factors.

Our scale, experience, knowledge, and equipment allow for fast and reliable transit, utilizing the latest technologies and focusing on sustainability. In addition, our landside transport services save time and money, and reduce the business’s carbon footprint.


We provide high-quality, interconnected intermodal freight transport solutions, utilizing several modes of transport to carry products from their place of origin to their final destination.


This model of transportation offers several advantages, including ecological transportation that reduces carbon dioxide emissions, services that are not affected by adverse weather conditions, border traffic, or sudden increases in oil prices, competition and cost advantage with the compatibility of the equipment, faster service compared to seaway, and elimination of issues such as transit traffic and permits.

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