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Customer oriented supply chain to give you clear advantage over the competition.

By integrating all trading partners in the supply chain, ATA Freight can provide you real-time visibility of inventory, order and shipment status. A short, customer-oriented supply chain has a significant advantage over the competition.

Whether you want to raise your service quality, change your fixed costs to variable cost structure or reduce inventory - as your supply chain partner - ATA Freight can help you achieve your goals.


ATA Freight service architecture is a thorough and closely managed process to protect our customers' data across the supply chain end-to-end. Supplier & Inventory Management


ATA's Lead Logistics Solutions has created the "modular service architecture". All services are predefined, templated and IT enabled.

Service specifications are already documented and connected within our IT architecture. The main remaining IT task is to connect the customer's order data with ATA's IT environment.

Adoption of new systems inevitably gives rise to risks in the switching over process. In order to anticipate, manage and control these risks, Lead Logistics Solutions runs various loops for risk identification and mitigation. What's more, we have a successful track record of enhancing systems across a range of sectors in markets around the world.


Proactive Supplier & Transportation Management encompasses all services to manage an inbound supply chain end-to-end, from PO transmission to freight settlement.

  • It starts with Proactive Management of the supplier to ensure demand and supply are connected. It looks at costs and the provision of total visibility of the process.

  • Planning and Optimization looks at actual transport. Aspects like better load building and routing to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

  • Shipment Event Management provides alerts on shipment and order level. Freight Audit and Payment verifies payment to agreed tariffs and shipped volume.


ATA Freight operates modern multi-user warehouses with the added benefits of direct connections to our global freight network. Working with you to develop a tailor-made concept to meet your needs, whether for partial or total supply chain solutions. We focus on optimization and cost effectiveness.

Access secure & real-time information.

Replenishment Management analyzes the inbound supply chain for shortages, obsolescence and excess material. It also looks at the high-manual efforts required to manage and coordinate large numbers of suppliers. These services complement the Proactive Supplier & Transportation Management services.

They can start with simply providing a periodic review of safety stocks, re-order points, backward and forward simulation and visibility into inventory performance.

Lead Logistics Solutions extend into management services that support the supplier commit process and extend responsibility into the coordination of replenishment proposals (irrespective of the owner of the material) factoring forecast, target inventories, and min/max delivery quantities.

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